Interview Hacks
Always be early
Remote interviews happen on Hangouts. Be there at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.
Find a quiet place
During your interview, try being in a quiet and comfortable place with minimal distractions.
Strong internet connection
Make sure you have a steady internet connection. A poor signal could lead to miscommunication.
Eye contact = Confidence!
Place your camera at eye level and maintain eye contact. It shows that you’re confident.
Minimal distraction
Close all tabs and applications that could affect your internet or become a distraction.
Power up!
Make sure your devices are charged up or plugged in as video calls drain most batteries quickly.
Pen and paper
Always have a sheet of paper and a pen handy to make notes if needed.
Homework helps
Come prepared with questions. This is your chance to know more. Ask away.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I make my job application stand out?
Help us get to know you better. Share your portfolio/website.
I’ve got an interview scheduled! What should I expect?
A telephonic/video interview followed by a virtual interview loop that includes a cultural fitment round.
I don’t see a job matching my skills. What should I do?
Write to us at recruiting@hike.in and we’ll definitely reach out. Also, keep checking out job openings.
What do you mean by a Culture Fitment Round?
We’re looking for people that are culturally aligned to our values. To know more, read here
Can I re-apply for the same role?
Yes! We can consider your application again, after 6 months from your last interview with us.
I know somebody at Hike. Can they refer me?
Absolutely! They can submit your application to us internally.
I have applied for a job but haven’t heard back from you. What should I do?
We try to respond to candidates within 2 weeks. Bear with us. We’ll get in touch with you.
I am unable to connect to the Interview. Help!
In case of a technical glitch or if your unavailable, let us know. We’ll reschedule.
I have completed all my Interview rounds. When will I hear back from you?
We try to reach out to all candidates within 7 days. If not, feel free to write to us and check your status.
Yay! I have been selected for the role. What would be the next steps?
Congratulations! You’re in! Keep a lookout for further communication from us.